• "XL Disc Mastering Studio"
  • "XL Disc Mastering Studio"

H i g h  Q u a l i t y  V i n y l  M a s t e r i n g   a n d   S t a m p e r  S e r v i c e

XL Productions offers high quality disc mastering services for pressing plants and labels worldwide. With our in-house disc mastering studio and stamper lab, we're able to quality check each cut before it goes to press, saving valuable time at the pressing plant. Producers, engineers and artists are welcome to attend the mastering session and be part of the last part of the creative process / first part of the manufatcuring process that determines how your record will sound.

Vinyl Record Stampers 

Master lacquer discs must be processed the within 72 hours of cutting to prevent high frequency loss and a build-up of surface noise. A brand new hi-tech plating facility allows us to immediately process your freshly cut lacquer masters well before any natural deformation or "springback" of the soft lacquer groove can occur.

"Springback" distorts the geometry of the cut groove. Immediate processing before any ill effects occur affords a better quality record with low surface noise and with the EQ and dynamics fully intact as per the master cut.

Direct-To-Disc recording sessions with a live audience of 50-60 people are available. Our comfortable performance space includes sound, staging and lighting. Video streaming to an international internet audience with a multi-camera live mix is also available. And we'll also get you the best deal on record pressing. Call us on 0411 892 454 to find out more.


Mastering Studio:

View Studio 1 and the capabilities of Australia's premier disc mastering studio.

Equipment Sales:

Fully refurbished VMS70 lathe, cloned parts for Neumann Disc Cutting Lathes and more.